Civil Litigation


Protect your rights with quality legal representation

When your rights have been violated, you can feel frustrated, angry, and alone. It’s important to remember that the legal system offers you a number of processes through which you can protect your rights and see justice done. The Law Office of Richard J. Herrmann, Jr. is here to ensure you fully understand the legal system, and get the representation and help you deserve.

ContractGet the restitution you deserve

When you’ve been wronged by another party, we’ll work aggressively to ensure the proper restitution is made. With focused, personalized attention, we’ll listen to your concerns and, together, come up with the best plan of action. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake. We’ll give you the tools to get restitution.

Scales of justiceMore than 30 years of civil litigation service

For more than 30 years, the Law Office of Richard J. Herrmann, Jr. has helped people just like you protect their rights with civil litigation services. We can also help business owners with everything from contracts to bankruptcy, and we represent landlords and tenants in evictions. If someone owes you money, you can count on our reliable collection services.

We also handle wills and estates.

Disclaimer: You’re not a client and there is no attorney-client relationship or privilege until after you retain the firm and the firm agrees to represent you.